Kymco Xciting 400

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Traffic jams getting worse. Rising toll and parking rates. High fuel prices. Logical solution is get a scooter, as an alternative.

Enter the Kymco Xciting 400. Initially, purely as a work vehicle, but it turned out a fun bike as well.

It is stress free riding. No worry parking. Excellent comfort. Smooth and powerful.

I have had it for 1 year now. No complaints. My work horse.

Everybody loves the scooter

Put a smile on their faces every time

Shopping and getting groceries…no problem.

Life with the Monster

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Ducati Monster 795

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Back in the 90s, I first saw the Ducati Monster in a bike magazine, I was blown away. What was this radical thing? At that time I was riding a Kawasaki Ninja 150, and the monster was only a distant dream. The dream laid dormant.

Fast forward to 2012, while on a photography job for Ducati Week, that passion was once again revived. The Ducati exhaust sound was poison. Right there and then I knew there was no more hiding the biker in me.

Jonathan, a good friend got me a brochure from Naza, “Yap, it is CKD now, it is not that expensive”. He was right. Finally it was within reach.

I started to put plan into motion. A little more than a year later, I bought the Ducati Monster 795.

It is called “Monster” for a good reason. 

The raw L twin engine, the vibrations, the Ducati sound, the agility, makes it a very unique motorcycle.

Buying a Ducati, you not only buy the bike, but you also buy into a passionate community.

There is no feeling like riding with 110 Ducatis in a convoy.

Riding a bike is living life. Riding a Ducati is living life with passion.