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Sony NEX-FS700

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I have been using the Sony FS100 for more than a year now, and it is time to add another camera to arsenal, to help improve and speed up the work flow.

The Sony FS700 is a natural and logical choice. I have read many reviews about the new features , but when I actually used it in the field, this baby exceeded my expectations.

 Like the saying, “More than meets the eye”

It comes with a better handle, ND filters, 8 megapixels still capture, and best of all “Super Slow Mo”. It can shoot up to 240 fps in Full HD.

This opens up a whole lot of creative possibilities.  It can also record up to a mind blowing  960 fps at lower resolutions.

Considering its price and what this camera can do, it is ahead of its competitors.

That’s not all, it also has improved auto focus options, “Face Detection, Spot Focus, etc”

Apart from being heavier than the FS100 (about 600gram more), I noticed it consumes more power too.

Extra batteries are needed for long duration shoots.

The FS700 features a Super 35mm sensor with a native 4K resolution for future proof.

With a Sony firmware upgrade somewhere in the end of the 1st Quarter 2013, this camera will 4K and Raw enabled.

I love the FS100 and I love this cam even more..

Sony MDR-XB700 Headphones

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These headphones are huge. They look like monster truck tyres on your head. Amazing sound with even better bass. I hooked in up to my Roland TD9KX drum set, and got a shock when I kicked the bass drum. The 50mm Drivers in the XB700 nearly blew my ears off. Price at RM 390, it will not burn your wallet. They are very comfortable to wear and look great if you dare to put them on in public. And yes, if you blast these headphones,  the guy sitting next to you will hear your music.

Sony 50mm F1.8 OSS (E mount)

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Been waiting for this lens since its announcement last year. It is a long wait, while using the Nikon 50mm is possible on the FS100 via an adaptor, it lacks auto focus, more importantly image stabilization.

A lot of videos I see on the internet shot on steadycam (stabilizer), have 1 thing in common, they all use wide angle and some cases fish eye lenses. Wide angle is less prone to shake, and large depth of field makes focus an easier thing to handle.

The Sony NEX 50mm F1.8 OSS (Optical Steady Shot) with Auto Focus makes the difference.

It is compact and light weight, 2 important features to have when using on steadycam or stabilizers.

The large f1.8 circular aperture gives beautiful artistic shots and works well in low light.

This lens is going to change the way I shoot.

Now it is here, I know I am going to use this lens a lot.