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Time to move on

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Today, officially I stop shooting for CDQA, the publisher of Bridal Guide (pic above), Ratu Sehari & Shaadi magazines.

The cover of Bridal Guide  vol 11 (pic above) will be the last cover I shoot for CDQA.

I started shooting for CDQA in June 2006. Three years down the road, my direction is not the same with CDQA anymore. There were some differences. So it is time for me to stop and rethink what I want to do next.

These past 3 years, there were ups and downs, but I have learnt a lot, and improved a lot, doing fashion, products & events shoots for them.

Life is like that. Nothing stays the same. People come and go. Time for me to move on.



this is the new

Getting a good website designer is not easy. Everyone promised me the sky and the earth, but it has been a disappointing few years. Thousands of ringgit spent but I got the short end of the stick.  No matter how good the photos are, I can’t do much with a lousy website layout and design.

Finally found somebody who provided me a solution. He asked me to use templates. Thousands of templates out there. Choose one and he will help me put it up. He even helped me set up this blog.

He did not promise the Sky or the Earth, he told me what he can do and what he cannot, with the budget that I am willing to spend.

Thank you Mr. Ken Chan for your effort these past few weeks.

For those of you looking for a solution, you might want to contact Ken.

His email is