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Life is strange. Unusual event can change our life’s direction. Through out the years, my friends & clients have urged me to start shooting video, but I did not want to do it. I wanted to stay focused to photography.

On the 23rd October, one of hottest wedding date of 2010, my Nikon D3 failed. Luckily I had back up photographers there to save the day. Purchased a new Nikon D3S, was a logical step as upgrade & back up.

It is the D3S that got me started shooting video. Shallow depth of field plus super low light capability. Nice but after shooting a few events with the D3S, I found out that I had to constantly worry about battery life, sensor over heating, focusing, sound recording, and awkward LCD position.

I knew I needed another video camera if I were to take this to the next step.

This was when I decided to get the Sony NEX-VG10. It is a video camera with interchangeable lens capability. With an adapter, my entire arsenal of Nikon lenses can be used for video.

The VG10 is a video camera, this mean no over heats, shoot to the limit of the memory card.

This is addictive. 50mmF1.4 coupled with VG10, highly addictive.