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Enchanted Garden of Eve

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An opportunity to shoot a video for Carven Ong’s Fashion show at Prince Hotel. The collection is entitled “Enchanted Garden of Eve”. Beautiful gowns with beautiful models, among them Nadia Heng, Miss Malaysia World 2010.  When the person in charge told me the fashion show was going to be held at the 10th floor pool side, and it was going to be a “Garden Wedding” fashion show, at 12 noon, the 1st thing that came to mind was “It is going to be hot”. 2nd thing was ” The lighting is gonna be a real challenge”. But the most difficult thing turned out to be seeing what I was shooting in the view finder under the noon hot sun. I can say I learnt a lot that day.

link to the video:

Dec 31, 2010 marks the end of the decade, also my 1st night out with the Sony VG10. Some my friends say “I have no life”. Normal people gather in clubs, pubs & prominent landmarks, some choose to spend quality time with the family & friends, to celebrate “New Year’s Eve”. I, on the other hand just enjoy working and shooting video for Raintree Club’s New Year’s Eve party.

A night of song and dance, low light, and fast moving subjects, positively a  good time to see VG10’s performance. I was amazed. It performed as I expected. The “Active Steady Shot” is definitely a plus point. Hand held shots are very stable even without the use of a steadycam.

Via an adapter, the Vg10 coupled with my collection of Nikon Lenses really took it to next level.  With a 50mmF1.4, I was able to get footages, brighter than what my eyes were seeing.

After the confetti cannons showered the ballroom, and the dancing ended, 2011 finally here. I went home with excitement of the possibility of what this video camera can do. A great way to celebrate the New Year.