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After a few jobs with the Sony VG10E, I realised the screen is a bit too small to get accurate manual focus. In a controlled environment, it is OK, but when shooting fast paced events, the tiny screen can be frustrating. On top of that, I like shooting with the aperture wide open. At F1.4 or F2, getting correct focus with the VG10’s tiny screen is a guessing game.  That is where the Marshall LCD50 comes in.

I tested some other cheaper external monitors, but decided to spend a bit more of my hard earned cash for the Marshall LCD50. I used at a wedding event yesterday and it worked like a dream. I even heard the relatives & friends standing behind me say “Hey we just look at his screen and we can see what is going on at the front.”

It comes with useful features like peaking, false colour & pixel to pixel, but the resolution of the screen is already a big help. It is compact and light weight (250g), powered with 4 AA batteries, which I think is designed with field work in mind.

There are bigger and cheaper LCD monitors out there, but you have to use the Marshall to “Love It.