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Hyundai Grand Starex Royale

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When I first saw this car on the road, I remember I chased after it to get a better look. “What is this monster? What brand izzit? It is not an Alphard? What izzit?”. When I got a closer, it was revealed to be a Hyundai. A year later, I bought it. I have had 2  Hyundai(s) prior ( Atoz and Getz) , so I have no doubts of its quality, reliability and value for money.

The feedback and recommendations from few friends who has been driving this MPV were all positive, but it is the design, the lines, the look that got me. I was sold from the start.

Look at the car in detail and appreciate the artistic work of the Koreans.

The dash is simple and elegant. The controls are straight to the point. Nothing too fancy but functional.

Huge car big doors. The front doors slant slightly when opened, to allow easier access. The Koreans has put a lot of thought into designing this MPV.

Despite its size, it is sleek. It turns heads on the road, partly due to its size. The numbers on the road are increasing. With lots of seats, lots of storage space, loads of features, powerful 2.5 diesel engine with variable turbo, good handling, good looks, at about RM 150,000 , it should not be a surprise that it has a 2 -3 months waiting period.