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Sony NEX-FS100

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I love this video camera. It is like merging the benefits of traditional video camera with the ability of the DSLR, adding the low light power of the Nikon D3S. This a dream camera, but now it is in my hands.

It is surprisingly easy to use. Just put all in auto mode and I can shoot immediately in a rush. Once I got used to the camera, it is almost addictive shooting with it. Even in Manual modes, there is Auto in demand, really clever.

Huge sensor producing superb image with super low light ability. Optical stabilization and auto focus. You can even walk and move the camera around to produce nice footages without external stabilization hardware. Crystal sharp LCD. Shoot for as long as 10 hours without overheats and 12 minutes per clip barriers.

Long battery life. Clean sound recording. Built in full HD Slow Motion and Quick Motion.

You will love it too.