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Zoom H4N

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“Audio is the half the story”, I am reminded from time to time. Video is nothing without sound. Capturing audio is easy. Capturing good audio requires effort, experience and most of all, good equipment. 

The Zoom H4N comes highly recommended. Fellow videographers urged me to invest on the H4N. They say to me,” forget about the H1, just bite the bullet and buy the H4N, you will not regret it in the long run”.

I purchased it and after a few jobs, I know they are right. It is portable, but pack with professional features.  The H4N is loaded with a versatile array of inputs options to accommodate a variety of recording sources.  Now I just need to make sure I am equipped with an assortment of audio connectors to cater to the various “sound systems” in the field.

When I ventured into videography, I always wondered if my standard computer speakers were good enough. My question was answered when a recent client complain about the audio quality of her son’s wedding video. But it sounded “OK” while I was editing it.

Why? The reason is the TV set and sound system in her house was of good quality, and she can hear all the flaws, which I am unable to detect on my normal PC speakers.

I wasted no time and went on her a hunting spree, for a new pair of speakers. When I saw the Behringer MS40, my search was over.  The quality and price fits. For the price, the sound quality is amazingly good.

The MS40 is active powered.  The  40 watts RMS, 24bit 192khz speakers are magnetically shielded., and even has a fiber optic input.

Now I hear things that I did not hear before.  I can hear Sarah Brightman take in breath while singing. I can hear extra instruments on songs.  The extra clarity is addictive.

And the Behringer MS40 looks really good too.

A fellow videographer(Jeremy Teo) whom I just got to know, introduced this nice item to me. He said currently, this monopod is his “main man”. It follows him to most of his shoots. I called a popular equipment supplier, and was  told there were 70 units, just in but stock finishing fast. It seems, some videographers are buying 2 at one go. I quickly got my hands on 1 unit, just in time for a 5 days job in China. After 5 days, I agree with Jeremy. If I can only bring 1 camera support, I will bring this. It is truly versatile. Pan, tilt, adjustable height, and a range of motion. My favourite being forward and backward movement. When I get stuck in crowded situation and need to get a high view, this monopod is a big help. With practice, and on wide angle, it can even mimic some “steadycam” shots. Highly recommended.