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Kessler Crane Lite 8.0

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A year has since passed. It is almost this time of the year, when I decided to take the plunge into videography. Spent a fortune in equipment. A year ago if someone ask me to get a mini crane, I might say he is crazy. But here it is, I finally got the KC Lite 8.0. A proper tripod is needed to support the weight.  After checking out a few equipment suppliers, I decided to get the Manfrotto 561 fluid head with the 545 tripod, which the KC Lite 8 works nicely on. The KC Lite 8 looks small but it requires a person fulltime to handle it. It is just right for weddings, small events and functions. Not too big and cumbersome, but long enough to get some nice high angle shots.

Used it for a few jobs and loved the stuff I got from it. A good investment indeed.