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Glidecam X-10

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From way back, I have always been fascinated by the camera man wearing a vest with camera attached,  running after the actors, in the ” the making of” or “behind the scenes” of a movie.

 The purpose is simple. Get steady shots while the camera is moving. In short, Stabilization.

As I ventured deeper into videography, my equipment list grew. After buying and using the Glidecam HD4000 for while, it is evident that holding it for extended period of time becomes a challenge.

 Walking like a “duck” can keep things steady but there is a limit, what the human limbs can do. Getting smoother shots required the next thing.

The next thing was to upgrade to a Glidecam Vest.  I had 2 choices in mind. The cheaper Glidecam Smooth Shooter or the more expensive Glidecam X-10.

I needed to test it out, put it on and feel the weight. Can I move freely? Is it heavy? Can I wear it on my own? To find out, before purchase, I made a trip to Expandore Electronics, Singapore.

Mr Winston, explained the difference between the 2 models . He recommended that I get the X-10. “You can even go up and down stairs”, he said.

He took out a X-10 from the box, assembled it and in about 15-20 minutes, I was wearing the X-10. It was so easy and quick. It is not heavy but needed some getting used to.

The Glidecam X-10 is well made. The vest is comfortable and easy to put on. The support arm looks good and of high quality materials.

Once the springs in the spring tensioned support arm is tuned , and the Sled is balanced, it is just plug and play.

Next  is practice, practice and practice. This beats going to the gym.