It has been a year since Ken Chan from revamped our website. He introduced us to the world of templates and we never looked back. For the past year, that template served us well. We wanted to display full screen, we wanted to show big photos. We got positive comments all around. That template works well for viewers with large screens and high bandwidth internet.

But it can be a pain for viewers with slower bandwidth access, and for viewers with smaller screens, and small laptops. We have been getting occasional feedbacks. We value the feedbacks and took action.

With the help of Ken, we revamped our Website again. Our new site now has a link to a html site for slower internet access. On our higher bandwidth flash site, we made photos easier to view, taking into consideration smaller screens.

It is easier to navigate and has a cleaner overall look.  

Thank you Mr. Ken for setting this up

Ken can be contacted at

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