A fellow videographer(Jeremy Teo) whom I just got to know, introduced this nice item to me. He said currently, this monopod is his “main man”. It follows him to most of his shoots. I called a popular equipment supplier, and was  told there were 70 units, just in but stock finishing fast. It seems, some videographers are buying 2 at one go. I quickly got my hands on 1 unit, just in time for a 5 days job in China. After 5 days, I agree with Jeremy. If I can only bring 1 camera support, I will bring this. It is truly versatile. Pan, tilt, adjustable height, and a range of motion. My favourite being forward and backward movement. When I get stuck in crowded situation and need to get a high view, this monopod is a big help. With practice, and on wide angle, it can even mimic some “steadycam” shots. Highly recommended.

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