Been waiting for this lens since its announcement last year. It is a long wait, while using the Nikon 50mm is possible on the FS100 via an adaptor, it lacks auto focus, more importantly image stabilization.

A lot of videos I see on the internet shot on steadycam (stabilizer), have 1 thing in common, they all use wide angle and some cases fish eye lenses. Wide angle is less prone to shake, and large depth of field makes focus an easier thing to handle.

The Sony NEX 50mm F1.8 OSS (Optical Steady Shot) with Auto Focus makes the difference.

It is compact and light weight, 2 important features to have when using on steadycam or stabilizers.

The large f1.8 circular aperture gives beautiful artistic shots and works well in low light.

This lens is going to change the way I shoot.

Now it is here, I know I am going to use this lens a lot.

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