July 26, 2004


Went to Lata Kijang last weekend for 2 days of fun filled activities. Living in the city makes me feel tired..a trip to the great outdoors is warranted.

Mud Trekker friends were there to make sure our time is well spent.


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Mr. Teoh...working hard to start fire for our BBQ.

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Woke up early..time for more activities...but not before a cup of hot drink..be it Coffee or Milo...which ever it is..lets boil some water first.

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"Ah Loong" preparing breakfast at the back of a 4WD pick up.

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Mud Trekker guys alerted me to this interesting couple. These 2 frogs are mating...look carefully at the eggs under the water.

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Dayang showing everyone how abseiling is done...she is an expert compared to us.

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Helen abseiling with style.

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River trekking to Lata Kijang....the water is cold. It feels as if you walking in waters from your refrigerator.

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Taking a bath, washing hair in the crystal clear river.

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For the Finale, Mud Trekker friends took us on a four wheel drive adventure. It was adrenalin pumping..it was scary..it was crazy..."Everyone screamed....including me.

One of the 4WD got stucked in the mud...yahoo...opportunities for photos.

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"Ah Loong" pulling the tow cable from the "Winch" to his Landcruiser, to help his friend out of the mud.

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With help of the "Winch", the 4WD crawls out of a tight spot.

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Mud Trekker friends took us for a trip on the river....."Ah Loong" said "This is why we love four wheel drive so much".

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Everyone helping to push start a very heavy Four Wheel Drive.

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July 23, 2004


The incomplete Kellie's Castle's hallways and corridors. Even during the day time, I got the eerie feeling when I was there.

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July 22, 2004


Joss sticks and Candles.

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July 20, 2004


Life is like footprints on the sand.

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July 19, 2004


Little insects working at Suan Phakkad Palace, Bangkok.

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July 15, 2004


Dayang..easily one of the cutest girl in my company.

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July 05, 2004


On my way back from Hat Yai last Saturday, I decided to pitch a night at Damai Laut Resort, (Lumut, Perak).

Woke up the next morning, took a nice breakfast and was ready for a swim.

Saw this signboard,.... went back to my room, watched TV and slept.

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