April 10, 2005


Finally bought a Smart ForTwo Coupe, after 4 years of waiting. Got the "Pulse" version. Finally got the chance to own a piece of Mercedes-Benz's technology. The back seat of my car is 90% unused anyway, so I figured that it will be a good idea to have a smaller car, but a car with good safety and technology. This car really really turn heads.

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This 730kg city car is powered by a 2nd generation Mercedes-Benz 700cc Suprex Turbo engine. A touch of a button changes the sequential 6 speed tranmission from Automatic to Manual and vice versa. Comes with 15 inch rims and Continental tyres.

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Engine is located at the rear and is back wheel drived. Safety features includes Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution(EBD), Electronic Stability Programme(ESP), Cornering Braking Control (CBC), Acceleration Skid Control (ASC), twin air bags and other goodies.

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My Smart's cute meters. Located on the center of the dashboard, they looked like a crab's eyes to me. The meters can swivel 90 degrees left or right, and it backlighted when the head lights are on.

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Sunroof, something I always wanted. The seats with hard edged cushions, feel a bit like bucket seats but are comfortable.

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The Smart is very agile. The short wheel base makes it feels a bit like a cross between a motor bike and a go-kart. The turning radius is just 8.7 meters. I even managed to drive it into a pedestrian area of a park in Putra Jaya.

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It is only 2.5 meters in length. Parking is really easy. No reverse sensors needed.

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